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How You Can Help

Founded in 1971, Archild has a long history of supporting central Arkansas children and their families through special education and therapy services.  Under the leadership of special education pioneer, Dr. Dolly Mosley, Archild began in a two-story house serving just a few children.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Archild relies on the generous contributions from our supporters to provide quality services for the 84 children and families we serve today. By donating to our program, you are helping to ensure that we can continue to grow and meet the operational needs of our center with equipment, classroom supplies and expanded programming.

Your tax-deductible donation will support Archild in our mission to help the children, caregivers and families we serve acheive their goals. Donations cover the cost of a variety of things, such as:

$5 will buy a box of baby wipes

$10 will buy a sensory toy

$25 will buy a weighted vest

$50 will buy books for each class 

$75 will buy 10 chewies

$100 will buy games for each class

$250 will buy a listening center or communication device

$500 will buy an art center or jungle gym

$1000 will buy a therapy swing

$2000 will buy playground equipment 

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