What is the EIDT Enrollment Process?

All children referred to Archild receive a developmental screening to determine the need for further evaluation. Archild will schedule your child’s screening, and prior to your screening appointment you will be asked to schedule an EPSDT appointment with your child’s primary care physician.

Once the screening is completed, the results will be mailed to you and to Archild. If the screener does not indicate a need for further testing, you will be notified, and the evaluation process will end. If your child is referred based on the developmental screening results, Archild will request a referral prescription from your child’s primary care physician.

When the prescription is received, we will contact you to arrange a one-day testing appointment to complete the evaluations and determine if your child is eligible for enrollment in our program. A referral conference will be held on the same day as the one-day testing where you will meet with our service coordinator and complete our intake paperwork.

 If your child meets eligibility based on their one-day testing evaluations, Archild will request a treatment prescription from your primary care physician. Once the prescription is received, an enrollment date will be set, and a placement conference will be held on the initial day of enrollment.

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