Preschool & Early Learning in Little Rock

At Archild, we offer a wide array of preschool and early preschool services including educational and social activities tailored to help children in the Central Arkansas area develop and reach their fullest potential.

What Makes Our Preschool Different

Archild’s Little Rock preschool and early preschool services stand out from the competition when it comes to providing quality education for young children. We provide a comprehensive set of programs, activities and services designed to help children reach their full potential by instilling important values such as respect, responsibility and critical thinking in each student.

Literature-Based Activities

We also put a great emphasis on developing early literacy skills in our students through the use of a wide range of books and literature-based activities. Our classroom programming is designed using the Adventures in Learning model, which includes 40 topics of study in nine subject areas. This approach equips children with strong language abilities before they enter primary school which is essential to long-term success in education.

Recreational Activities

Archild also provides a variety of recreational activities such as art projects and outdoor playtime to promote physical activity. These activities are designed to stimulate creativity and build confidence in each student.

Standard Preschool Services

Archild’s preschool in Little Rock provides an exceptional learning environment for children from the ages of 3 to 5 years old. Our experienced teachers use creative activities and engaging lessons to help your child develop their academic, social, emotional, and motor skills.

We prioritize an individualized approach to ensure that each student has the opportunity to grow individually and reach their highest potential. With our safe and nurturing atmosphere, your little one will have the perfect start in their educational journey.

We strive to make sure our classrooms are inclusive and all students have access to appropriate supports. We take great pride in our comprehensive curriculum which allows us to accommodate all types of learners from those who need extra special help to those who excel beyond their peers.

Skills Your Child Will Learn

  • Social Skills (sharing, taking turns)
  • Communication Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Gross Motor Skills & Physical Activities
  • Cognitive Skills (puzzles, matching games, and sorting exercises)
  • Numeracy Skills (number recognition activities)
  • Literacy Skills (interactive storytelling sessions and letter recognition activities)
  • Creativity (arts and crafts projects, dramatic play sessions)
  • Independence (putting on shoes or cleaning up after playtime)
  • Problem-solving Skills (open-ended activities and challenges to improve critical thinking)

Early Preschool Services

Archild offers a comprehensive early preschool program in Little Rock that caters to children from 2 to 4 years old. This program focuses on providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children to develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

The curriculum is designed to promote learning through play, with a variety of age-appropriate activities such as music, art, and outdoor play.

In addition, Archild also offers services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for children who may need extra support in their development. Our early preschool program is the perfect place for young children to learn and grow.